Association Française des Ingénieurs et Cadres du Caoutchouc et des Polymères
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International Rubber Conference


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Forthcoming IRC's
Event Venue Date Contact
IRC 2017 Cleveland, Ohio, USA 9-12 October Rubber Division, American Chemical Society
IRC 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4-6 September Plastics and Rubber Institute Malaysia
IRC 2019 London, UK 10-12 September The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
IRC 2020 India   Indian Rubber Institute
IRC 2021 Germany   Deutsche Kautschuk-Gesellschaft
IRC 2022 Brazil   ABTB
IRC 2023 China   Beijing Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry, China
IRC 2024 Turkey   Kauçuk Dernegi
IRC 2025 Thailand   The Polymer Society of Thailand
IRC 2026 Japan   The Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan



Report on IRC 2013 - Paris, France

logo irc 2013

IRC 2013 took place in Paris, France, Palais des Congrès,on March 20th ,21st and 22nd. It has been organised as both the International Rubber Conference and an Exhibition. A detailed report (“Bilan /Report”) is enclosed .

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