Association Française des Ingénieurs et Cadres du Caoutchouc et des Polymères
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En lien avec les dernières mesures gouvernementales, l'AFICEP vous informe que le Centre Français du Caoutchouc et des Polymères (CFCP) qui héberge ses bureaux est actuellement fermé et ce, jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

Pour toute question, merci de contacter le Président de l'association, M. Philippe DABO à l'adresse

Nous vous souhaitons à toutes et à tous beaucoup de courage et de patience pour affronter ces temps troublés.

À bientôt !


In connection with the latest government measures, AFICEP informs you that the French Center for Rubber and Polymers (CFCP), which hosts its offices, is currently closed until further notice.

For any questions, please contact the President of the association, Mr. Philippe DABO at

We wish you all courage and patience to face these troubled times.

See you soon!

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IRC 2013 took place in Paris, France, Palais des Congrès,on March 20th ,21st and 22nd. It has been organised as both the International Rubber Conference and an Exhibition. A detailed report (“Bilan /Report”) is enclosed .

1225 visitors attended IRC 2013,2/3rd coming from France, about 18% from European Union,15% from overseas(Asia,Americas,Africa,Other Europe). The Exhibitors were 76 ,64% being French ,the others European(E U). The International Conference was organised in 3 parallel sessions About 100 papers were given and also 25 Posters during a specific session .Speakers came from all over the world:

  • France : 37
  • Germany : 13
  • Other European Union (Belgium,The Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Slovenia, Italia, U K , Sweden) + Switzerland :18.
  • USA, Canada : 6
  • Brazil : 1
  • China : 8 ,Japan : 6 ,Malaysia : 4,Korea : 2, India :1

The Congress welcomed about 230 participants (quite merged) : congress participants, speakers, delegated IRCO, Exhibitors, Members of Scientific Committee. 2013 was a specific Year for the French Rubber industry : it was the 150th anniversary of its main Manufacturers Association : the so called SNCP (Syndicat national du Caoutchouc et des Polymères), established in 1853. A dinner was organised together for the SNCP Anniversary and for IRC 2013, with almost 400 participants, at Le Pavillon Royal in Paris. As far as money is concerned, those 2 events gave neither profit nor losses to the Aficep ,who organised both.


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